My Chaos

Well hello! Welcome to my chaos! 

By day I'm a reality tv producer, but by night I'm a dog-hoarding, champagne loving, book-reading, design obsessed, travel craving, messy, flea market addict living in sunny Los Angeles with my husband, Joey & 3 dogs. I started this blogging adventure with the purpose of a fun way to document learning to cook. Over the years it has evolved & become so much more. Food, books, design, travel...nothing is off limits here! You'll quickly see I'm a pretty nontraditional lifestyle blogger. I don't post a ton of glam photos of myself in fantastic outfits, I carry a solid extra 20 lbs I could stand to lose (probably more) & I'm really not that great of a writer & I tend to make grammar mistakes. I also swear a lot.  But I love having this little community of my own & I'll always keep it real. 

I grew up in the mitten state & will always be a midwesterner at heart.  I followed in my family's footsteps & attended Michigan State University (GO GREEN) where I received my bachelors in Telecommunications, Information Studies & Media.  After college I spent 3 amazing years living in Chicago where I found the love of my life, Duke.  Don't worry, my husband is well aware of who comes first.


So speaking of my husband...while in Chicago, I also happened to meet a really great guy & 9 years after meeting, we got married.  But before that, so much happened!  Chicago is possibly one of the greatest cities in the world but after years of the midwest winters it was time for Duke & I to head for the sunny coast.  After a year of being in LA, Joey  decided to move out here...for work of course!  2 Crazy years later our family expanded.  Adopted from Wags & Walks rescue, Fig Newton quickly became head of the household.


Fast forward another 2 years, as I was starting a new job & we were newly engaged, I stumbled across a Facebook post about an injured dog who was in danger of being put down.  Long story short, we adopted #3, Oscar.


So thanks so much for taking the time to check out my little corner of the blogosphere! I hope you learn SOMETHING from my posts & if not, at least the pictures will be pretty!

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