{Style} My Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Happy Friday ya'll!  If you follow any blogs at all, you know that yesterday was the first day of the early access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  In order to access the sale now, you must be a Nordstrom cardholder.  If you're a frequent Nords shopper & don't have their store card, I HIGHLY recommend it! If you tried to shop yesterday & experienced all their site problems (took me 5 hours to check out!) they're offering 10x the normal points! If you don't have the card, the sale opens to public on 7/21.

I have a method to how I shop these sales & I'm curious if anyone else shops this way.  I go thru each category & place everything I want in my cart.  Once I'm done, I go to check out & freak out at how much I'm about to spend. So I take a second pass & instead of removing the items I'm not DYING to have, I move them over to my wish list. After my blood pressure returns to normal, I make my Initial Purchase.  In the next few days while waiting for my items to arrive,  I'll scoured the sale a few more times, adding more items to my wish list.  Once my IP items arrive (Nords is FAST), if I decide to return anything, I'll go back to my cart & re-examine my wish list. More likely than not, I'll make a Secondary Purchase.  If I keep everything from my IP, I often make myself stop shopping. Occasionally, I buy one more pair of shoes, but that's it. Anyone else do their sale shopping in rounds or is it just me?

Most bloggers were so on top of their shit when the sale started, they had their posts with their choices ready to go yesterday.  In typical Rachel fashion, I'm a day behind. But in my defense, the time I had set aside yesterday to blog turned into me fighting with the Nords checkout page. Those problems have been resolved.  Below are items from either my IP or are currently sitting on my wish list just waiting to be scooped up in my SP.  I clearly have a color palette going for fall don't I...

Just a note! The beautiful grey sweater in #7 is already sold out in this color, but it does come in black & the black is sitting on my wish list!

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