Happy One Year!

Seriously, how the hell has it been one year since we got married?  It feels like I was just spending every extra second of my day working on wedding related tasks.   I'd be lying if I said I liked being a bride.  I didn't like it. I FREAKING loved it.  I loved planning the ceremony & party, I loved dress shopping, I loved working with the florist & planner,  I loved coming up with our set list (even if the band ignored part of it) I loved working on all the fun details, I loved when people called me a bride...seriously, I loved it all.  Call me shallow...hell, I'll call myself shallow; it was fun! I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't sad when it was all over.  I was.  The upside though was I now had an amazing man to call my husband, so I guess it was worth the mini depression.

Now that a year has gone by, it's crazy to think just how much has happened.  We've definitely had our fair share of struggles this year between family deaths & illnesses, a totaled car, a major leak causing chunks of our ceiling to fall down to name a few.  But we've also been incredibly lucky & it's important to celebrate it all.

J & I discussed ahead of time setting a $25 limit on anniversary gifts because money is a bit tight right now (thanks HOA for your $30K special assessment!) which was actually a really fun challenge.  Given that the first year gift is supposed to be paper,  I found this amazing custom card maker on Etsy, Kenzie card co & after just a quick conversation, had this card made.  On the inside, I filled it with everything that I love about him.  Let me tell you, this was one of my favorite gifts I've ever given anyone.
Since that we weren't spending a ton on gifts, I wanted to make the day extra special since I know we won't always be able to really celebrate.  I decided to plan a small day trip to Santa Barbara.  Our first stop was The Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara (technically Montecito) for their ridiculous champagne sunday brunch (crab legs, sushi, omelette station, eggs benedict station, meat carving station, bottomless mimosas/bloody mary's...need I go on?).  If you've never been to the Biltmore, it is a MUST. Even if you just go for a meal or a drink.  The property is STUNNING & the views are just INSANE.
Round #1
 I'll take one of each please...
After stuffing ourselves silly, we walked along the beach for a bit before heading into town. Downtown Santa Barbara, State Street specifically, is filled with tons of cute shops & restaurants. I was actually quite proud of myself for not shopping while J bought 4 pairs of socks. WE GOT CRAZY.

Our next stop was the Deep Sea Tasting Room on Stearns Wharf.  Known for their 360 degree views of the pacific coast line,  I knew this was a must.  We each did a tasting flight & then settled with our full glasses while enjoying the views.  J tried Rose for the first time & actually really enjoyed it!
 The view though....seriously.
Finally, we ended the night sharing a giant bowl of seafood pasta at The Harbor Restaurant.  Besides the insanely rich & delicious dish, the views from this place were gorgeous. It was such a perfect ending to an incredible day.

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