Museum of Ice Cream

Last Friday, 2 friends & I embarked on one of our most colorful adventures yet.  We went to the Museum of Ice Cream.  I first heard about this magical museum last summer when it opened in NYC.  I kept seeing Instagram pics of people lounging in a "pool of sprinkles."  POOL. OF. SPRINKLES.  Turns out, the pool is not filled with real sprinkles...which is definitely for the best.

Anyways, when the museum announced they'd be hitting LA this spring, I knew I HAD to get tickets.  There was a lot of stress involved (everything in LA sells out SO freaking fast), but my friends mom was able to score 3 tickets for us, thanks to the Amex pre-sale. Shout out to Stacey Bass or making this happen.

The museum would be better characterized as an interactive art installation.  The museum consisted of a bunch of different themed rooms & in each room, there was something tasty to eat as well as something tasty to look at. So let's just get to what ya'll are waiting for...the pictures.

Before entering, we had to listen to the Sprinkles Fairy give us instructions on the museum.

We tasted McConnell's Earl Grey with Biscuits Ice Cream in the LA room. I liked way more than I was expecting to!

Mint Chocolate Chip Mochi in the mint room. Excellent.


Can you guess what we ate in this room?

Charcoal infused cookie dough ice cream...weird, but good.


Ok so this pool...it was way fun, but we only had 2 mins in it & there were a ton of other people, so trying to get a good photo was damn near impossible. This would probably be my only complaint!

Yes, it annoys me that we aren't centered in this picture.
That's what happens when others take the photo.

It was such a silly & fun night. I'd go back just to take more pics!

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