{Design} My Favorite Bookends

After attending the LA Festival of Books this past weekend (catch up here) I've been in a book mood. I absolutely love books - but I'm not just talking about reading. I'm talking actual, physical books.  I love the look of a bookshelf (or in my case, shelves) filled with books I've read or books I've been wanting to read.  I love the feeling of turning a page in a book & seeing how far I've read that particular day.  Unlike most bookworms I know, I don't own any sort of e-reader. There's just a satisfaction I get with reading an actual book that I just cannot put into words.   I also stare at a screen all day & my eyes need a break sometimes.  Yes, I know there are all sorts of benefits to an e-reader & yes, my shelves are overflowing with books, but that still doesn't change how I feel. I've also never been one for audio books. GASP! Don't get me wrong, I love the idea. I just get real sleepy when I listen to books.  Given all these factors & that we have so many books, I'm always on the hunt for fun bookends. People often neglect to use bookends & I think that's a big mistake. Big. Huge. (Get the reference?)  Adding a fun bookend gives your shelf just a touch more personality.  So today, I'm rounding up my favorite bookends to share with you.  There's a chance I may own more than half of the below.  I've also found some really cool bookends off ebay (those vintage brass pineapples!) & at HomeGoods if you're looking for a deal!

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven (similar) / eight / nine / ten / eleven

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