{Design} To Organize Books by Color or Not?

This post has been brewing for about 2 years now.  This trend isn't new by any means, but it also has yet to fade away. In the design world, this is a very controversial topic. Yes, controversial. The design world has some REAL SERIOUS problems. I've always had my books organized alphabetically by author except my collection of Mary Higgins Clark books (no judgement please) which claimed their own corner of my bookshelf.  It was extremely satisfying to see books by the same author accumulate. Plus,  it made the most sense to organize them this way so I could easily find them. But from a design standpoint, the idea of color-coding bookshelves was extremely intriguing. For a person who loves color like I do & has as many books as I do, organizing by color also makes sense. I mean, how pretty do these shelves look?

So what could possibly be wrong with something that looks so pretty?  Well, it's thought that if you're a serious reader or an intellectual,  books shouldn't be displayed for design purposes, but to showcase what you've read - books aren't supposed to be just decorative objects.  Ok well, I'm no scholar (shocking, I know) & I own not enough far too many pink-covered books.  So I believe it's OK for my books to be organized by color while still showcasing them.  Books are art, so why shouldn't they be displayed as such? It doesn't take away from what I've read (I have read some serious books, I swear!) About 10 months ago, I decided to go against everything the left side of my brain believes in & un-alphabetized my books & re-organized them by color. It was hard to adjust to at first, I actually felt a bit unbalanced.  But after adjusting to my books no longer being in alphabetical order, the look is growing on me.  Due to the placement of my shelves, it's damn near impossible to get a decent pic of the final product, but what I have learned is I don't have nearly enough orange or purple covered books. Here are more pics of other peoples homes. Total shelfie envy.

I will admit, the left side of my brain still gets a tad irked seeing books by the same author split up, but I think the beauty of the colors is outweighing the annoyances.  So for now, the books stay.  What do you think? Would you organize your books by color or do you prefer to keep your books all shuffled up?

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