Functionality vs. Feeling - My Greatest Struggle

It's no surprise I tend to make decisions based on how I feel.  If something is visually appealing to me I want it. If something is ugly, I don't want it.  It doesn't matter if the item is actually functional or the best of its kind. If it looks appealing, I want it. It is that simple.   99% Of the time I will choose a house ware, dish soap, tooth brush etc. solely based on looks.  I don't read reviews of products because I find myself getting annoyed so I stick to judging something based on it's appearance. Is this the smart approach to consumerism? Absolutely not. Can I help myself? Absolutely not.  There are times when it IS important to do research & in those cases, that's what I have a husband for. Which vacuum should we register for? What router should we buy?  I find these things le boring so I set J to the task.

So what is my point exactly? Well, I'm currently having a big internal debate about selecting something for its functionality vs. its look.  Despite everything I just said, when it came time to register for my new pots & pans, I actually did a ton of research. We desperately needed new pots & pans since our current set is peeling. Yes, the nonstick coating is actually coming off my frying pan & well, that can't be good for us to consume.  Since I was hoping others were going to be buying our new beautiful set for me us (they did!)  I wanted to make sure I was spending their money wisely. I'm so nice like that.  After reading tons & tons of reviews, I happily decided on Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 12 Piece Cookware (found here)

73 Reviews, 4.5 stars. In terms of cookware that is also reasonably priced, they seemed perfect & they're pretty. Win.    We received the set at my shower & I was ecstatic!  As I've mentioned before, there's a chance we might be moving this fall (we really aren't, but I'll keep dreaming about it!), so for now, all our gifts are remaining in their boxes so they'll be easier to transport.   Here in lies the problem: things in boxes are things that can still be returned. I was all set to use & love this cookware set...until I laid my eyes on the Martha Stewart Collection Tri-Ply Copper 10 Piece Cookware Set.

Well shit.   I'm currently crushing on copper VERY much so right now (future post to come) & these are so pretty!!! When I casually mentioned to J I was thinking of exchanging our pots for a copper set, the first thing out of his mouth was "Are they actually better quality or do you just want them because copper is trendy?!" (Kudos to J for knowing copper is in)  Not to be bested, I quickly responded "Oh no no, they have really great reviews!" Ummm...this set has zero reviews. ZERO. I am a big liar. 

How can I even fathom buying pots & pans that have ZERO reviews??? Oh I know, because they are SO PRETTY.  My cooking pictures would be SO PRETTY.  And if I got one of those hanger things I could hang them against a black wall (the wall I'd need to paint in my new non-existent kitchen) like this & stare at HOW PRETTY they are. (Because hanging against a black wall seems to be a must)

Thus enter my problem.  Do I exchange our well-reviewed really nice (might I add) stainless steel pots for a set that is simply prettier?  Is that REALLY a reason...because THEY LOOK PRETTY?  I'm going to go out on a limb here & say no.  That is actually a TERRIBLE reason to buy something so expensive & something we plan to have for many years. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE.  

But, I still want them. Before saying F it & exchanging for the copper pans anyway (because that's what I'd normally do despite knowing better), I started doing more research on copper pans. I excitedly discovered Calphalon makes a copper set that received 4.5 stars & were close in price to our stainless steel set! WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS PEOPLE. Oh plus, THEY ARE EVEN PRETTIER!!!

There's that black/grey wall again that I must have

Then I read the product description & learned you can't wash copper pans in the dishwasher, they must be hand washed.  Um,  WHAT? We can put a man on the moon (J says it actually isn't that hard to do as I use this analogy all the time) but we can't make copper pans that are dishwasher safe? For a split second I thought, "OK OK OK, I can hand wash these. I can do it & I won't complain about it."  Then I came back down to Earth. Who the hell am I kidding? I do NOT have the patience to hand wash pots & pans. WHO DOES? I asked J if he would be willing to wash them by hand & the look I got, well, let's just say no, he won't.

Sooo the lesson we learned from weeks of debating exchanging our cookware? Do your damn research before blowing a ton of money on something.  I guess researching CAN be useful. 

Sigh. Bye bye copper pans. 

Anyone else struggle like I do?

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