Lately Loving: Freakin for Flamingos

I started writing this post two three months ago, but never had time to finish it because this wedding someone had just got in the way of LIFE. Well, those days are OVER.  I'm back to bringing you truly life-changing content. Today's a perfect example.

One of my favorite people has been talking about starting a blog for almost as long as I've known her.  To be fair, we've only been friends like 3ish years. But she finally wrote her first post & asked for my opinion on it. It was extremely well written (as I knew it would be) & thoughtfully self-reflective, which I think is the point of her soon-to-be established blog. So while my friends are being all brilliant, I'm busy having a love affair with flamingos.  FLAMINGOS.  There is something about that skinny, awkward yet fluffy feathery pink bird that I am DIGGING.  We have a flamingo print in our bedroom & another print in our dining area but that doesn't mean I'm not still pining after these delights! OK, I also might already own half of the items below but whatever. Pineapples are for sure having their moment right now, but with summer in full swing, these accessories/accents make for the perfect summer update! I love incorporating animals (besides my dogs) into the home & flamingos are so fun & silly, WHY NOT?!  We could all use a little more silliness in our lives!

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