New Life Goal: ALL THE GLASS!

Over the last few years, I've come to absolutely adore the flea market. Hunting for treasures, never knowing what you're going to find...it's an adrenaline rush! At least for me it is. I've never bought a huge item at the flea before, though I have helped my friends pick out pieces of furniture.  I've always just gone for the small home accessory including barware.  The quest for vintage tumblers & decanters is really fun but we only have so much space on our makeshift bar - formerly my TV stand. Recently my two friends who I frequent the flea with...my flea friends if you will...tagged me on Instagram in two different photos:

Welcome to my new life goal.  I could literally drool stare at these pics ALL DAY. There are things I love about both collections...so why not combine the two?  I haven't really collected anything since my Disney Snow Globe phase which ended in middle high school  (except my new-ish desire to collect cookbooks from places I travel) & ya'll know my penchant for color.  THIS IS THE BEST NEW GOAL EVER. However, I do realize a hobby like this could get pricey...but not if I do my hunting at the flea, antique shops & ebay.  I will take a major piece of advice from Elsie Larson & set a limit on what I'm willing to spend per piece.  I also realize we currently don't have the space for this...but I'm not sure that's going to stop me.  The Long Beach flea is this weekend & I think I just might have to drive down there & begin scoping out the glass! Thank you Lauren & Laura for knowing me so well! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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