Want to be a guest blogger?

Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend & I CANNOT wait. So, back in the day when I only blogged about food,  I had a few guest bloggers & I really loved being able to share my family & friends' recipes.  I absolutely love blogging (even if my own friends & family don't read my posts) & I want everyone to have the chance to do so.  So it's time to bring back the guest bloggers but I'm opening it up to anything...& I mean ANYTHING.  Nothing is off limits (well, you know, within reason) so if you've been dying to share a recipe, a particularly cute outfit, something clever you did in your home, a DIY project, pictures of your dogs (you know I'll gladly show those) or if you just want to complain about something...here is your platform!  

Email me at Rachel.Phillips120@gmail if you're interested & make sure to put "Guest Blogger" in the subject line.

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