My Kind of Eye Candy

Well hello lovelies. Happy Wednesday to you! Lately I've been finding myself falling down the internet hole of home tours.  I absolutely love seeing peoples houses, how they style it, how they organize their stuff, how they live (or pretend to live...nobody has fresh flowers in their guest room at all times!) Seriously, I think I could look at pictures of homes all day long. Perhaps it's because I'm extremely nosy, but I like to think it's because looking at other people's spaces is the BEST form of inspiration.  We're hoping to move in 6 months or so & with a move comes the perfect opportunity to update our stuff AKA let's start stalking the internet for ideas!  I love my our bedroom furniture, but it is all SUPER match-y match-y.  My mom & I literally walked into Pottery Barn & bought an entire bedroom set. It is beautiful, but very large & very dark.  My style has definitely evolved over the years, so the PB furniture will be moving into our future guest bedroom, which now allows for us to really find pieces that fit us.  So, with that in mind, here are some rooms I'm definitely grabbing/stealing inspiration from!


  1. I am also finding myself drawn to sleeker, more modern furniture. I love my bedroom set as well, but in general, my taste is leaning more towards less "stuff" and furnishing/decor that makes the room feel open and airy. -Wigs

    1. Yes! Sometimes I find because my furniture is still in really good shape I have no business getting new, but at the same time, if I can still use it in some way while getting new stuff, win win!

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