Why fix what ain't broke?

Oh hey, remember me?

For the longest time (OK, only 8 months) I've been wanting to give this blog a major facelift.  I took a blogging class over the summer & learned some really great ways to "up my game" so to speak & one of the changes I wanted to make was getting with the times & switching hosts (no offense google).  I really wanted to move this little blog over to Squarespace.   Their sites are so pretty & modern; I wanted to join in & be one of the cool kids.   However, I really didn't want to lose all my content. It made sense to stop posting until I was able to fully make the switch so there was less content to move over.  Yet, here we are, 8 months later & the switch hasn't happened.  Tackling this project takes time. And time is something I don't seem to have right now.  Between starting a new job (Ok, I've been here almost 6 months now) joining a spinning/yoga studio (no, it doesn't take up THAT much time), getting a 3rd dog (HE takes up time), traveling,  reading 52 books (if you're new, catch up here) & trying to plan an out-of-town wedding,  my free time is scarce.  So with that, I'm putting the big move on hold & will be back to posting more recipes, books, decor & well whatever else comes my way, here.

Does it feel like I'm admitting to failure? Perhaps. But sometimes it's OK to admit you can't do it all & just be happy with what you have.  In time I'll make the switch, but right now I'm just happy to be back in my tiny little space in the blogosphere.   I certainly have missed it & all of you!

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