Summer Challenge- Check In

It's been about a month & a half since I decided to tackle a summer challenge, seeing as the reading challenge wasn't enough, so I figured it was time to check in & see how it's going. Since I started this challenge, I've gone on 5 trips & had 1 visitor...so go easy on me! Yes these are excuses...

Get back into yoga
Finish updating the living room (surprise J! Don't worry, no more throw pillows)

Transform the terrace

Complete the home tour photos
      - Updated dining room
      - Living room reno
      - Entry way
      - Master Bedroom
Get organized
      - Closet
      - Bathroom
      - Jewelry
      - Kitchen

Go to a summer concert at the Hollywood Bowl-We went to the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future & it was AWESOME watching the LA Phil play the score while the move was going on.

Go to a movie in the Hollywood Cemetery - This I don't think is going to happen due to scheduling, but I'm still hopeful!

Clean out my email inbox (there are currently 17K unread emails. Yep.)

Cook more fish

Try a new class at the gym

Start a new TV series  We watched & finished season 1 of Transparent. If you haven't seen it, GET ON IT.

Create a new blog series - Coming this week! Stay tuned!

Explore the flower mart in DTLA

Shop at the Studio City Farmers Market - Happening this weekend!

Dust off my tennis racket & play - So far we've played 3x, but this will definitely become a new norm

Complete a DIY project

Eat at 5 new brunch places

Visit the Getty Villa

Ride a bike

Host a BBQ

Try a new winery in Malibu

Go to a Dodger game

Figure out my health insurance (being an adult is boring)

Find a new job (boo)

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  1. That's a great list but I would have to take that in baby steps. Especially the exercise part. LOL