Reading Challenge Book #13 Review

Oh I am BEHIND on posting about the challenge, but when am I ever on time for something? Actually, in real life, I'm good at being on-time...OK we're getting side tracked here. On to this book. I've had this book for YEARS but shockingly (Sarcasm? Me? Never!) I never got around to reading it.  Luckily, this reading challenge is giving me the perfect reason to finally tackle some of the dust collectors on my shelves.  One of the categories is a book of short stories. I thought I was going to really like this category, but instead, I discovered short stories are NOT for me.  Every time I felt myself starting to feel one way or the other about a character, I'd finish the story! A lot of stories just don't end & the OCD in me became quite prevalent. I'll admit, I bought this book originally based on it's title since I'm usually so drawn to chick lit & all the authors were women, so I was down with that.  Yes, I did enjoy most of these stories (I did have to skip one, I just did NOT know what was going on) but again, I felt myself wanting so much more.  So, this was a great lesson for me, no more short stories! Does anyone else feel this way? Summary this time comes from Amazon!

This Is Not Chick Lit is a celebration of America’s most dynamic literary voices, as well as a much needed reminder that, for every stock protagonist with a designer handbag and three boyfriends, there is a woman writer pushing the envelope of literary fiction with imagination, humor, and depth. 

The original short stories in this collection touch on some of the same themes as chick lit–the search for love and identity–but they do so with extraordinary power, creativity, and range; they are also political, provocative, and, at turns, utterly surprising. Featuring marquee names as well as burgeoning talents, This Is Not Chick Lit will nourish your heart, and your mind. 

This Is Not Chick Lit is important not only for its content, but for its title. I’ll know we’re getting somewhere when equally talented male writers feel they have to separate themselves from the endless stream of fiction glorifying war, hunting and sports by naming an anthology This Is Not a Guy Thing.”
–Gloria Steinem

“These voices, diverse and almost eerily resonant, offer us a refreshing breath of womanhood-untamed, ungroomed, and unglossed.”–ELLE

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