Last Minute 4th of July Dips & Treats

The 4th is COMING...like, TOMORROW. And since things have been a bit hectic around here (seriously, what else is new), I've been totally slacking on my 4th post. SO, if you're like me & have parties to go to this weekend (I don't really have multiple parties, I hope you do) & need some quick ideas, you've come to the right place! The most important part of a successful BBQ in my opinion is excellent appetizers/dips & desserts that won't melt in the sun. So instead of giving you some grilling recipes (really, just go buy some good meat & call it a day) here are some awesome & easy apps & treats.  These are all old recipes (& some really old photos, I need to fix that) but they are tried & true WINNERS! OK, enough with the CAPS. Sometimes I just get excited. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!



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