{Recipe Update} Guacamole with Pomegranate

This post is about a year & a half overdue. But with the 4th coming, I thought now would finally be a good time to share this unique & deliciously amazing dish with you all. PLEASE make this for your 4th of July!

Last "winter" J & I went to this AMAZING Mexican restaurant downtown called,  Mas Malo. The interior of this restaurant was amazing. The building used to be an old jewelry store circa 1923  & just had such a different vibe than most Mexican restaurants.

As usual, J & I ordered guacamole because...well, it's guac. Why WOULDN'T you order it?  When it came, I noticed there was something on top, but because we were seated upstairs, it was dark & I couldn't tell what it was. Being the chicken that I am, I made Joey try it first. After one bite he looked at me & told me to just try it. OK FINE. I placed a tiny tiny scoop onto a chip, bit in...& my life CHANGED. No I don't think I'm being dramatic. The suspicious addition was actually pomegranate arils! It was such a welcomed & unexpected change.  Now, I ALWAYS want to put poms in my guac! No, I don't care how that sounds. ANYWAYS, I absolutely love my recipe for Classic Guacamole (oh the pics are terrible, please no judgment), so I used that recipe & just added about a 3/4 of a cup of arils into the mix & serve!

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