{Lately Loving} White Kitchens with a Splash of Color

I always thought when I had the chance to redo a kitchen, I'd use super dark modern cabinetry with cool bright white countertops.  I was never really into the white look as I always felt it was very country kitchen, which is just not me.  Except, now in the last year or so, I have completely changed my mind.  I LOVE white kitchens because then you can toss a pop or pops of color in & you all know how I feel about color.  While our original plan was to update our current kitchen before we moved (yes, we've only been here 2 years but we're already outgrowing our space) I think the plan now is to keep our kitchen as is & put our money towards our next place.  We aren't moving yet...but the goal is 2 years from now! So I have 2 years to drool over beautiful homes & begin planning our next place. With a white kitchen in mind, here are some really awesome ways to throw a splash of color in. 

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