{Travels} Welcome to Miami!

Last year a group of my girlfriends & I went on an incredible trip to Cabo. It was our first ever girls trip & on the last night we vowed to make it a yearly thing.  This year we decided to stay stateside & ventured to Miami. It was SO much fun & as to be expected, WAY too short.

We stayed at the Grand Beach Hotel in Miami Beach & overall it was a nice hotel, but I'm not sure I'd stay there again. Pros: Awesome private adult pool with bar service, clean rooms with 2 bathrooms (total PLUS), great views, within walking distance to The Fontainebleau, only a short cab ride to South Beach & for the area, pretty affordable. Cons: Only one restaurant that was quite casual so there weren't a lot of food options, hotel bar was right in the lobby & sat maybe 12 people, there was no real place to buy toiletries & each room was only given 2 beach chairs...well one of our rooms had 3 people in it & we paid for 3 people so that was a bit frustrating.  It definitely worked well for a girls trip, but not some place I am itching to stay in the future.

Our first night we decided to stay close to the hotel because we were waiting for Erica's arrival & went to a restaurant called Lola.  The food itself was awesome & the atmosphere was very cool...however...the restaurant was in a condo building so it was pretty quite.  I didn't mind because we got reservations no problem & the food was really reasonably priced. However, if you're looking for a Miami hot spot, I wouldn't call this place one. 

On Friday we spent the entire day at the adult pool drinking delicious cocktails & lounging in the sun.  The view was AMAZING & it was SO peaceful & relaxing.  Which turns out we definitely needed for the night ahead of us. 

For a nightlife experience, it was recommended to us to go to Mango's Tropical Cafe in South Beach.  It was absolutely insane & one of those nights that I don't think any of us will forget! It was a restaurant, a bar, a nightclub & a place to see a show. Live music, DJ's, a ridiculously large menu, a shots menu that included something called a purple hooter shooter (yes, we sampled the shots menu) & crazy dancers.  If you're in South Beach, this is definitely a place to go...just make sure you call ahead & get the VIP seating because without it, we never would have been able to sit let alone get a great view of the show.

Saturday was a bit overcast in the morning so we went for a walk on The Boardwalk. It's basically just a giant path that stretches for miles along the ocean.  We then decided to travel back down to South Beach where we had to indulge in a generous-sized cocktail because, it's South Beach.  

We spent the rest of the day back at the pool/beach...rough right?

That night we ventured to The Fontainebleau for dinner & drinks.  We ate at Vida which was absolutely fantastic.  Then spent the rest of the evening at Bleau sipping on cocktails & enjoying our last night together.

Cheesecake. Yep.
Overall, it was SO wonderful to see my girls & it just makes me miss them even more. I can't wait till our next adventure!

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