My Top Twelve Throw Pillows for Spring

Hi, my name is Rachel & I'm addicted to throw pillows. Hello Rachel. If you think I'm joking, just ask J.  I love throw pillows because they are the easiest & fastest way to update your space inexpensively yet still make a huge impact.  Now, if you know me or have been following along, you know I LOVE color. I painted my kitchen table orange & pink for pete's sake. Anyways, a few months ago we got a new couch (I promise new photos to come soon...I know you're all just on the EDGE OF YOUR SEATS waiting) & the pillows I had were a bit bland.  With Spring quickly approaching (in some areas of the country, not in LA, but whatever) I decided our couch needed a serious color makeover. I went a bit crazy & bought like 8 new pillows (some of them are below). J was just thrilled, let me tell you.  Anyways, if you're looking for a bright update, may I make a suggestion? Get crazy & mix up your colors & patterns. It's so much more fun than multiple pillows in the same pattern! See all 12 pillows below? I'd totally put ALL of them on my couch. Would you?

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