Happy 3 Years!!

Yesterday was Chaos in the Condo's 3 year blogversary! I can't believe it's been 3 years since I started my cooking adventure & it really has turned into so much more.  Thank you everyone for your love, support & lack of annoyance with me blowing up your Facebook feed for the past 3 years! In honor of this holy day, I want to take a look back & share my Top 10 Absolute Favorite Posts & the Top 10 Most Popular Posts from the past 36 months. Looking at some of these old photos it really shows how far I've come with my plating/photog skills. It's also a great reminder of what recipes I need to make again & update their photos!

My Top Ten Absolute Favorite Posts


Top 10 Most Popular Posts

(Updated photos of this recipe coming soon!)

5. Stoup!

Now, before I get to the most popular post, I have to say I was BLOWN AWAY when I actually got down to looking at the numbers for each post.  The posts in the Top 10 Most Popular were all somewhere between 3000-5000 views. The top post? Has over 100K views!!!! I am FLOORED! Especially since this photo is OLD & all Instagram-filter-y.  I will definitely make this dish again & update the photo, but damn! Anyways, check check check it out...

Have you made any of these recipes? I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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