New Year…New Resolutions? Nah, not exactly.

Oh hello my sad little neglected blog. Remember me??  I'm sorry for abandoning you during the holidays & perhaps some weeks prior, but I'm back with a promise to give you more attention. At least I'm going to try, but please don't be disappointed if I'm full of crap because there's a good chance I may be.

So…with the new year, my entire social media is consumed with peoples goals & resolutions for 2015. I've never been one to make resolutions because inevitably, I'd pick something I would ultimately fail at. Losing weight, keeping the house more organized, spend less time on social media etc…I mean, come on, those simply aren't for me plus they're kinda boring.  But with the new year, I feel like I should do SOMETHING to better myself, but who says it has to be  painful like going to the gym X amount of times a week? Why can't my goals be more fun? Eating more pasta or traveling more sound like awesome goals. Except I eat enough pasta (OK I can never eat enough pasta) & I don't have the time for travel. No, my new goal needs to be something practical, inexpensive & something I actually have time for & want to do.  Sounds easy enough…HAH.

While mulling over the options in my head, I was browsing through Instagram like I tend to do all the time when I'm bored & came across a reading challenge one of my friends was going to try.  I LOVE to read, but it seems I read either while traveling or…while traveling. This is something I could manage, do on my own time & would actually look forward to working on. Plus, having my friend Erica who is fantastic at making goals & sticking to them, do this challenge, I can count on her to keep me motivated. So instead of this being a new resolution or a new goal, I'm accepting a challenge & I will either complete it or fail, but I'm going to give it one hell of a shot.  Thank you Erica for letting me join your challenge!

The Challenge…

The challenge from Popsugar is simple. 50 topics, one book per topic.  I just started a book that fits the book set in a different country. If you have any suggestions for the categories below, please send them along!

So stay tuned as I will  be sharing my conquests & struggles with all of you.  Hopefully you'll all get some new books out of it & maybe I can convince Erica to share some of her reads with you too!


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