{Design} Gallery Wall Inspiration

When we first moved into our condo a year & a half ago, I already had big plans for a gallery wall.  I wasn't sure where in our home it was going to go, BUT I knew I just HAD to have one.  After spending copious amounts of time browsing through Pinterest looking for inspiration, I decided I wanted to keep my frames a bit more neutral.  We were painting our walls a soft grey & thought white, silver & a few gold frames would look best.  Well, fast forward a year & tons of gallery wall images on Pinterest & I'm ITCHING to change up my current wall.  I still love most of my prints, but there are definitely some I can do without.  I just completed a big living room remodel (details to come!) & decided tackling the gallery wall would be my next project.  Instead of my frames being so monochromatic, I want to add just a little pizzazz to make the wall less matchy & more eclectic. I'm thinking of adding in some thin, black frames, some mirrored frames, maybe even some colored frames.  I've got a ton of ideas & I've already started re-arranging/replacing in my head, but today, I want to share just some of the inspiration that has kicked off the update!  Stay tuned to see the final project!

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