Lately Loving: Mix & Match Seating

So the bathroom remodel is in full swing. If you don't know what I'm talking about, catch up here. Today is electrical day & it is my favorite because it is quiet! Anyways, on with todays post. The more & more I see this trend incorporated into homes, the more & more I *swoon*. Sigh. I love the idea of mixing up the seating at a table because it really gives the space a unique & eclectic look…something I totally dig. It's fun to be playful with your furniture & step outside the traditional boring box.  What's great about this trend is you can either keep the effect minimal by choosing all the same color chairs, but in different styles like this:

Source: Daily Imprint

Or maybe you're feeling a bit more daring? You can get crrrrrazy & do something a bit more diverse like adding a bench with a fun pattern like this:

Maybe you want something in-between? How about matching 4 chairs on the long side of the table & then matching 2 chairs at the ends?

There are so many different ways to incorporate this trend to fit your personality. I thought about implementing this trend in my dining room, but after having one hell of a time painting my table (stay tuned), I'll stick to just drooling over other people's tables.  

How FUN is this table with the different fabric cushions?? This IS something I COULD do with my table. Hmmm…

If crazy colors & patterns aren't your thing, you can incorporate this trend a bit more subtly. With maybe a pop of pink, because who doesn't love pink?

Source: Flare

But back to color…drool.

I love the idea of sticking to one particular style, but finding different chairs within that style, like this industrial table:

Source: Brown Bobbin

Another way to implement this trend while still keeping it quite simple is same legs, but different seat. Stunning.

If modern & sleek is more your vibe, this table pulls of the mix & match trend perfectly.

Source: Houzz

If tons of color is too much, you can always do 2 chairs in the same pop of color like this table. I LOVE the detail on the black chairs!

Source: Mix and Chic

Think this is a trend you'd try? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

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