Chaos in the Cabin…Big Bear Edition Vol.1 (FINALLY!)

To say I'm behind on blogging about summer travels would not be a lie. Over…uh…Memorial Weekend, after 3 years, I finally made it up to Big Bear, CA.  It may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but trust me, it was. Our friend Matt recently purchased a cabin with his dad & due to my hectic work schedule, I was never able to go see it.  Matt had been going up to BB for years & has taken J many many times on guys weekends. So to say this was an anticipated trip would be an understatement!  Luckily, Matt likes our pooches so Sat morning, J & I loaded up the car, packed the pups & the 4 of us were off!

The drive was absolutely STUNNING. Looking at mountains never gets old.

This was Fig's first road trip (with us) & laying in his bed in the back was a a bit of a struggle. 

We met up with our friends in BB & decided to do a little off roading in Matt's beloved Jeep.

That evening Matt helped me prepare my overnight Slow Cooker Egg & Hashbrown Scramble for breakfast the following day. Let's be real, I told Matt what to do & he basically made the entire dish.

After stuffing our faces with eggs the next morning,  we went out on a hike to burn off some calories. To get to the hike, we strolled through the neighborhood & saw some amazing homes.

Entering the hike..

Duke & Fig were really into it...

Until the heat & elevation became too much for Duke & he had to hitch a ride. Much better!
He really has that over the shoulder pose down.

Later that afternoon, Lauren & I headed into the charming "downtown" area to do a little exploring.

And discovered the wonderful people of Big Bear love their bear-themed knick-knacks.

Then we stumbled upon the greatest little antique shop where Lauren found these awesome bar decanters.  How FUN are these???

It wouldn't have been chaos unless there was a bit more cooking involved. I decided to make my favorite, Enchilada Lasagna because it's an easy dish to make vegetarian for Lauren. However, we had gone to the store the day before for ingredients, but I didn't think to ask if Matt had a pyrex dish.  So back to the grocery store we went. But look at that gooey goodness…there are vegetables in there somewhere.

Sadly, we headed home the next day but it was an awesome way to spend Memorial Weekend & I can't wait to go up again. Thanks a ton Matt & Lauren for hosting us!


  1. This is my favorite picture of Matt ever.

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