Bathroom Remodel: Happy Demo Day!

Is there anything more beautiful than a dumpster being delivered to your home?? Hooray! It's Demo Day!!!  If you've been following the past few months, you know we One Week Bath is completely gutting our bathroom & redoing the entire thing in ONE WEEK. To get caught up to speed,  check out the details here.  Call me a nerd, but I cannot wait to go pick out some new bathroom accessories. I mean, who DOESN'T get excited for a new toothbrush holder or a trash can??

This will be the one & only photo of the process I'm going to share until the bathroom is done. I'm sure in a week you will ALL be on the edge of your seats just waiting for the big reveal.  As a relatively new home owner, this is by far the biggest project I've tackled & I'm sure it will come with some headaches. So far the only issue we've had is the sinks we initially chose were on backorder, but luckily, Sarah, our design consultant, was able to find almost the exact same sinks from another company, phew!  One reader did ask if One Week Bath was sponsoring my remodel posts. I WISH!  I'm not cool enough to have sponsors yet, but maybe someday!

Have a favorite place to buy bathroom accessories? Is that a silly question? Maybe. But I'm thinking maybe something with a pop of color? I'm open to suggestions!


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