Mexican Inspired Egg Scramble

One of my favorite things to do in LA is to go on hikes. I know I know, it's a very "LA" thing to say. But the views are STUNNING.  On my first weekend of freedom (I've been holding on to this post for a month for no reason), also known as my cooking-palooza, we started our Sunday morning with our favorite hike at Fryman/Coldwater Canyon.  This photo wasn't from that particular hike but from earlier in the year when we took Fig on his first official hike with us.  Think he was a fan?

After our hikes I always feel like I could eat enough for 3 men, but that would completely defeat the purpose!  On this particular day, I thought I'd just whip up some eggs & toss some veggies in & maybe a little turkey sausage. Healthy, yet filling.  This shouldn't take long & will be super easy.  Here's where problems arise, when I think I can just throw something in a pan & cook it like I know what I'm doing.

I didn't think about the timing of tossing in the veggies & my eggs resulted in a runny mess. On the verge of a breakdown because I was hungry & just wanted some @#$%ing eggs, J took over & fixed it.  The dish was delicious & the proper instructions are below.

Serves: 4
Cook time according to me: 25 mins max
How difficult was this for me? Now that I know what NOT to do, no problem.

4 eggs (I used egg beaters, or you can use egg whites for a healthier option)
1/4 cup skim milk
1 pepper of choice, chopped (I used 1/2 red pepper, 1/2 orange pepper)
1/2 yellow onion, chopped
1/2 cup turkey sausage (I used pre-cooked crumbles)
1/2 cup reduced fat Mexican blend cheese
Salt & Pepper to taste
(you can also add in other veggies, I just used what we had on hand)
You could also mix in a little salsa to give it more of a "Mexican" feel


In a medium mixing bowl, combine eggs & milk. Beat well. 

In a large skillet over medium heat, pour in egg mixture.

Let the eggs cook a bit.  When they begin to solidify, in a smaller skillet spray with pam.  Over medium heat, add the veggies.  Cook for a few mins until veggies have softened & heated up.

Once the eggs are about 95% cooked to the wellness that you desire, add in cheese & turkey sausage. Scramble well.

Once the eggs are cooked, reduce heat. Drain veggies & add mix into the eggs.
Cook on low for just a minute or two & then serve.


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