Lately Loving: Brass Lighting

Welcome to another edition of Lately Loving. I'm on a bit of a brass/gold kick & am constantly looking at ways to incorporate the metal/color into our home. I know what some of you are thinking…Brass lighting??? NO.  But I'm going to change your mind & will have you say YES YES YES after you see some of the awesome fixtures I've found! OK, maybe you won't become obsessed like I am, but you will at least not be repulsed.  Yes, most brass fixtures I've encountered are old & outdated. When we moved into our place replacing the old brass lighting was the 3rd thing we tackled (floors & painting came 1st & 2nd)…& while I LOVE the lighting we put in, I only wish there was a place for one of these fixtures! Check out these awesome finds below & then tell me you still hate brass!

I absolutely love this chandelier. It is urban & funky & I want it.
Source: Lamps Plus Feiss Urban Renewal Antique Brass Chandelier

I love how glamourous this pendant is!
Source: Jonathan Adler Sputnik 18-Light Avenue Brass Pendant 

I am DROOLING over this geometric chandelier. It is delicate, yet still makes a bold statement.
Source: Hubert le Gall Polyedres Chandelier

I LOVE the lines on this piece. How fun would this be in an entry way?!
Source: Furbish Sputnik Brass Chandelier

I love how simple, yet modern this light looks.
Source: Etsy Handmade Brass Lighting Fixture

So perhaps chandeliers are too much for you, then a small table lamp like this one could be a perfect accent piece. 
Source: Land of Nod Dotted Glow Table Shade & Half Karat Base

If you're struggling to imagine brass working in the home, look at this closet. Tell me now brass doesn't work! Also, I think we all need this closet.
Source: Who What Wear Closet

Now, the chandelier on the left is not my taste, but those two industrial pendants hanging over the island are awesome!
Source: Emily Ann Interiors

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