Lately Loving: Photographer Gray Malin

Positano Town, La Dolce Vita Collection

I'm starting a new series on the blog called Lately Loving…I'm sure you can guess what it might be about! About 3 weeks ago I discovered Gray Malin's stunningly unique photographs while trolling one of my favorite sale sites, One Kings Lane.  If you aren't a member, I suggest joining ASAP.

Praianom La Dolce Vita Collection

I was instantly sucked into his pictures!  The colors & locations...I HAD TO SEE MORE. I headed over to his website & went through every single collection he has.   Within 5 minutes of seeing his photos I knew I had to purchase one (or eventually 4) for our house.  

Bondi Beach, A La Plage collection

While I LOVED all the photos on his website, price wise I decided to be practical & pick a photo that was on sale. Insert, Bondi Beach.  The arial photos are what drew me in to Gray's art in the first place because I had never seen beach photos look like this.  After a LONG debate with myself, I ordered the Bondi Beach photo (above).  A week later it arrived & within minutes, I became OBSESSED. 

Bondi Beach Swimmers, A La Plage Collection

While the sale at One Kings Lane had ended, I did a search on their site & to my surprise, Gray's photos were still being sold & STILL ARE here (Be sure to scroll through all the pages as not all his photos come up at first)! I took this as a sign & ordered a 2nd photo, the Bondi Beach Swimmers.  Now I had land & water. Initially, I thought I'd frame these individually, but then it came to me. Frame them together to create one large piece of art. I haven't framed them yet, but I'm so excited to see how they will turn out.

Swan Ice Bridge, Antartica the White Continent Collection

Like all obsessed people, I couldn't get enough of Gray Malin. So what does one do? Find them on Instagram. After scrolling through his  account & seeing how ridiculously adorable he was, I learned something awesome about Gray (in my head we are friends & on a first name basis). He truly appreciates his fans & is constantly offering deals & special promotions.  

Cheerio, Up and Away Collection

There were promotions for free framing, free shipping, free phone wallpaper download (yes, I might have gotten one…told you, obsessed) etc. His promotions usually only last for a few days at a time, but they make it SO tempting to buy more photos.  And then he offered a sale on his new Bermuda Collection

Bermuda Tropical Birds, Bermuda Collection

And like the obsessed woman I am, insert the purchase of 2 more photos. His Bermuda Collection only consists of 4 photos, but they were so vibrant & fun, I thought they would make a perfect addition to my new office at work. 

Bermuda Flamings, Bermuda Collection

I mean, was I looking for an excuse to buy more photos? Perhaps. BUT they were on sale & I really was in the market for some wall decor for my office. I was able to get 2 photos for less than the price of one normally, so a win for me! Also a win for you? They are STILL on sale here but only till midnight tonight! Unlike the Bondi beach photos, I plan on framing them separately. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Top of Aspen Mountain, A La Montange Collection

There are plenty more photos of Gray's that I would LOVE to have, but instead of buying them, I will just share a few more with you. 

Cinque Terre Vertical, La Dolce Vita Collection
XO Palm Tree Top, Up and Away Collection
Hot Pink Loungers, Art Deco Miami Collection
The Swimming Pool, Art Deco Miami Collection
Coney Island, Au Parc Collection

Top Hats 2, Far Far Away Collection
Note: All photos are property of photographer Gray Malin.

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