Bathroom Remodel: The Beginning

Say goodbye to EVERYTHING you see in this photo!
Eeeek! When we first bought our townhouse, I knew there would be a lot of projects & I was excited for them. I loved the idea of re-doing everything to make it my our exact tastes.  The first month we re-did the flooring, painted all the walls, new blinds & 5 new lighting fixtures. And let me clarify, when I say "we" I mean, we hired professionals to do the work. Let's be real here.  We also had plans to re-do the kitchen & both bathrooms, but knew those were hefty projects that would have to wait.

Well the time has come & we are officially re-doing the master bath this summer!  I know, you're all SO excited for me us.   Anyways, I found this company called One Week Bath.  The name should explain it all.  Essentially, after filling out a questionnaire on your project, you meet with a design consultant, take measurements & pick out EVERYTHING. I'm talking picking out details like grout color. The meeting takes about 4.5 hours & then you are given an exact cost of the remodel. From there, they buy everything & once your entire bathroom is in & in their warehouse (approx. 6-8 weeks after the design mtg), then they begin the demo/remodel & are done in ONE WEEK. This seemed like a dream scenario. Not that I don't want my bathroom being worked on for a month, but for the sake of my neighbors, this sounds perfect.  So, I had my design meeting & I wanted to share just a glimpse of some things I picked out.  We're going for a sleek & modern look.  Since our colors are very cool, I'm now on the hunt for some bright & vibrant art to give that little pop it needs. Have a color suggestion? I'd love to hear it.  My design consultant Sarah calls our design "bitchin"…WOO!

Blanton White Rectangle Vessel Sinks. Found Here. (Ignore the faucet)

For our shower/fixtures we're going with the Moen Align Collection in Chrome.
2 Shower heads, of course are necessary for your new stand alone glass shower.

OBSESSED with these Robe Hooke

Towel Bars/"Paper Holder"

Lighting from Lamps Plus. Found Here

That's about it for now. I won't share the boring details like the toilet but I couldn't be MORE excited to get this project going. It looks like we will start the actual remodel at the end of July…just in time to go back to work of course. Perfect timing :) 


  1. Your bathroom is going to be FANTASTIC! Can't wait to come to Cali and see it!


  2. Cannot wait to see the photos of your new bathroom. By just looking at the stuffs that you bought, it will sure to be an elegant one. Will keep updated with this.

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