Wonderful Wonderful Wallpaper!

When most people think of wallpaper they think of their great aunt Martha's old stuffy house filled with collections of thimbles & spoons.  The words "old" "outdated" & just "ugly" come to mind.  But I happen to LOVE wallpaper. As an accent wall, in a powder room or even as a simple backdrop in a bookcase (love this), it just makes a room more personal.  While our current home has no wallpaper, we will be gutting a bathroom (hopefully) this summer & I'm hoping we can incorporate wallpaper in some facet.  Whether you choose a bright & bold pattern or something simple with a little texture, wallpaper will make a room look instantly more interesting. Here are some of my favorite uses of wallpaper:



Photo Credit: Houzz

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Photo Credit: Element's of Style

Photo Credit: Doodle Home

Photo Credit: This Life, Designed
Yes, this IS wallpaper!
Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy



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  1. I really like the idea of adding wallpaper to a dresser. Wow, that is lovely. Fun possibilities with adding a bit of wallpaper to furniture and walls both.