Outdoor Dreaming

It's been almost 7 months since we moved into our new home & while it seems like we've accomplished a lot, there are still SO many projects to do!  While Joey & I originally wanted to buy a single family home, buying property in LA is ridiculous & the only houses we could afford were SO far away & would have almost doubled my already 45 minute commute to work. NO THANKS.

When our realtor said he wanted to show us a townhouse, I wasn't thrilled, until I saw it was in a dream neighborhood I thought we couldn't afford.  THEN we discovered  the particular unit came with the most charming private outdoor terrace. I was SOLD, despite it needing a bit of facelift.    As spring nears, the terrace is a big project that we are both itching to get done.  While some of the work will require professionals (I don't think anyone would trust me with a jackhammer) there is a LOT we can do ourselves.  The original plan was to clean it up this weekend but of course, after a long drought, we are finally getting some rain. So the plans will get put on hold.

In the meantime, I've been scouring the internet for inspiration & thought I would share some of my favorite outdoor spaces I've found thus far! If only we had more room & an unlimited budget!!

Note: Some of the photo's were dead links on Pinterest (biggest pet peeve!!!) so despite my best efforts,  I was unable to find the original source of some of the photos. If you happen to recognize any, please let me know!!

Photo Credit: Cote de Texas

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Photo Credit: Ikea Family Live Magazine

Photo Credit: Belle Vivir

Photo Credit: It's a Green Life

Photo Credit: SuperKitinia

Photo Credit: La Dolce Vita

Photo Credit: Stylish Eve

Photo Credit: The Little Design Stall

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