Sweet Potato Souffle

Holy crap, these are DANGEROUS! My sister and I decided this year for Thanksgiving we were going to change things up and skip the traditional sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows that my family always serves. This soufflĂ© was sinfully delicious...and when you see the ingredients, you will see why!!  This recipe will definitely be saved for special occassions as it doesn't scream healthy...but it's the holidays, it's OK to splurge!

If you saw my Thanksgiving Post, you'll know that prepping the meal was, well, chaotic. This was essentially the only recipe I was able to actually photograph and the sad part is I took photos up until the dish was finished.  Lucky for me, Jen did a trial run of the recipe before Thanksgiving and took a final photo then. Big thanks Jen for finding this awesome dish on  All Recipes AND for providing me with a final photo!

Sweet Potato Souffle
Serves: 8-10
Cook time according to All Recipes: 1 hour 20 mins
Cook time according to Rachel & Jen: 1 hour 35 mins
How difficult was this for Rachel? Pretty simple, just follow directions!

6 sweet potatoes, peeled
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup skim milk
1/2 cup melted butter &
1/3 cup melted butter
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup dark brown sugar
1/3 cup all purpose flour
1 cup chopped pecans


Place peeled potatoes in large stock pot. Fill with water covering 1 inch above potatoes.

Recipe calls to boil for 20 minutes. Potatoes must be VERY tender or you run the risk of killing your Kitchen Aid/mixer. And no, the metal should NOT be bent that way. We boiled an extra 15 mins. Test by sticking a fork in a potato to see how tender it is. Drain water.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease 2 qt casserole dish.

Place potatoes in a mixing bowl. Using either a stand mixer or handheld mixer and beat on low until potatoes begin to break up. Increase speed to medium until potatoes are smooth.
Reduce speed to low and add sugar, milk,  1/2 cup butter, vanilla, eggs and salt. Mix well.

Do NOT clean off the potato remains on the beater. Those are the "fibers" and should not get mixed in.

Pour sweet potato mix into casserole dish.

To make the topping, in a small mixing bowl, combine brown sugar, 1/3 cup melted butter, flour and pecans. Pour mixture over the top of the potatoes.
Bake for 40 minutes. Serve immediately!

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