{Recipe) Hawaiian Marinated Chicken Kebobs

After all the partying we did for J's bday and all the junk we ate, some vegetables and chicken were necessary. I've been wanting to try my first marinade for some time now and because eating a regular piece of chicken with a side of veggies bores me, I thought, why not make kabobs! Everything tastes better on a stick right?! Luckily we live on the west coast and it is still nice enough for us to still grill. I found the marinade at The Girl Who Ate Everything. It was REALLY tasty and of course, EASY! My two favorite things. I will for sure be making these again.

Makes: Marinade makes enough for 4 pieces of Chicken. I only made 2.
Vegetables enough for 4 kabobs
Marinate time recommended by Rachel: Over night
How difficult was this for Rachel? Marinating was easy. Chopping vegetables was another story.

2 cups soy sauce
1.5 cups brown sugar
1/4 cup white onion, chopped
1/2 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp sesame oil
2 cups water
13.5 ounces coconut milk (1 can..I couldn't find the can so I had to buy this massive carton)

Up to 4 pieces of boneless skinless chicken breasts. Recipe called for thighs. I prefer breasts. (insert inappropriate joke here)

KEBAB INGREDIENTS (Makes 4 large kebobs)
1 large purple onion
1 Red bell pepper
1 Green bell pepper
1 Ear of corn
(You can always sub out the veggies, these are just my preference)

Combine all marinade ingredients in large bowl
In a heavy duty ziploc bag, pour entire marinade into bag. I used a double lining just to be safe. Add chicken to bag. Next time, I might chop up my chicken first. Let marinade at least 8 hours in fridge.
If you use wooden skewers, make sure to let wood soak in water for at least a few hours.
After marinade is complete. Chop up big chunks of the veggies. 
You will notice the red pepper is missing. Wah wah.
Also, when chopping the corn BE CAREFUL. I'm lucky I didn't injure myself more. I made J do the rest of the chopping. He later informed me I was using the wrong knife.
Once veggies are chopped, time to cube-ish the chicken. Just cut it up.
Skewer the chicken & veggies. Be careful with the corn. I recommend putting it on the end.
Grill (Preferably not in the dark) Make sure to rotate kabobs frequently to avoid burning. 
Once chicken is no longer pink remove from grill. Serve immediately.

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