Branching Out! Traditional Japanese

Photo borrowed from Robata JINYA
I had to do a quick food-related non cooking post about my dinner from last night because I can't stop thinking about it. My cousin and his girlfriend were in town, and we decided to go to Robata JINYA. I had never had traditional Japanese (other than when they cook in front of you...I love that!) and let me say, it was awesome.

Looking at the menu, I had never felt so lost. I know sushi (and I know it isn't for me) but everything else was foreign. Thank god my cousins girlfriend was a pro and was able to help guide us. We decided to order a bunch of Robata, grilled skewers and vegetables, for the entire table.   It was awesome trying so many different types of foods without it feeling overwhelming. 

I tried sneaking a picture at dinner, but it was the first time meeting my cousins lady and I didn't want to come off as that person. The one photo I got is below. Otherwise, the pictures from their website do the food much better justice. Can't wait to go back!



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