My First Giveaway!

Welcome to my FIRST blog giveaway!

Last week I was approached by Slimkicker, a healthy living/fitness app, about doing a contest for my readers with a giveaway. I was wary at first because I had never heard of Slimkicker, but after learning a bit more about what they do, I was sold!

What IS Slimkicker?

Slimkicker is a fantastic way to stay motivated while dieting OR while just trying to live a healthier lifestyle (which we could all use). It basically turns your diet & weight loss goals into a game with points, challenges, and rewards! They offer calorie & fitness trackers and healthy recipes, which I cannot wait to try.

The Contest

Slimkicker is looking for new and FUN challenge ideas, which is where you all come in.  A challenge is something like, "giving up soda for a week".  This idea is not fun nor creative, so get your thinking caps on.

How to Apply

Simply leave a comment on THIS post with you challenge idea. It only needs to be 1-2 sentences long. After a week, Slimkicker will pick their favorite and most creative idea, feature it on their site, AND you will win..
A 6 quart Stainless Steel Crock Pot!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Due to shipping costs, this crock pot can only be shipped within the United States.

Good Luck!


  1. When I get a craving for a food I know I shouldn't eat, I fend it off by drinking two big glasses of water, and if I'm still hungry, picking a more healthy choice. THEN I celebrate my good choices by adding on to an art project I currently have: such as drawing another flower on a border I'm painting or adding to a design I have on the fridge. I beautify my world with meaningful designs that remind me how strong I am and of all the little efforts I put in to developing better choices.

  2. I will add chopped veggies and quinoa or oats to all my ground meat to amp up the nutrition!

  3. Ok...I love spareribs. They are my guilty obsession. I have to make and drink about 100 smoothies over a period of time with broccoli, spinach and carrots added (and Greek yogurt, strawberries, bananas, oatmeal, almonds, fresh ginger and other good stuff) to balance one order of spareribs. I'm self-employed and I also have to work very hard the day before and feel strongly I need a treat. Only then can I sit and enjoy my small order of 4 ribs at Famous Dave's. If I feel I've earned it, boy do I savor it guilt-free.

  4. My challenge idea would be to ride your bike to work everyday, or if you can't bike, get off one station earlier, or park further away than usual from your workplace.

    1. Congrats Vera, you win the crock pot from Slimkicker! Please shoot me an email at Rachel.Phillips120@gmail.com and I will give you instructions on how to claim your prize!

  5. My challenge idea this week is to take an extra walk each day whether if its alone or walking my dog. I will also not look for close spots in the parking lot and park farther away.

  6. Pity that I live in Canada
    Pllease check out my latest post about the blogger award. I have nominated you!

  7. Thanks everyone for entering!!!! Slimkicker has picked VERA as our winner!!!!!!! Vera, I will be in touch with how to get your new crock pot. Congrats!!!