{Recipe} Balsamic Chicken Topped with Feta

Well, Betty Crocker knows her chicken. As I said over and over again, chicken for dinner does not excite me. However, throw some feta on it and you have me interested.  Overall, this recipe is SUPER easy, healthy and took no time at all. However, there are a few key directions you must follow as noted below. And no, I did not follow the directions and as a result I burned the chicken just a bit. Oops. I did modify the recipe just slightly, but the original recipe can be found here.

Serves: 2
Cook time according to Betty: 25 minutes
Cook time according to Rachel: 25 minutes!
How difficult was this for Rachel to make? Easy!

2 large boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
1 tsp Italian seasoning
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 cup crumbled feta
1 large roma tomato, sliced (no thanks)

(you don't have to measure out seasoning, feta or pepper. You can just apply freely like I did)

Set oven control to broiler (this was a first for me!) and make sure your oven rack is on the level closest to the top of the oven (so chicken is about 4 inches from heat). 
Brush both sides of chicken with balsamic. 
Sprinkle both sides with Italian seasoning & pepper. 
Place on broiler pan in oven and broil for 8 minutes TURNING ONCE..I skipped this step and, well, don't. 
Remove from head and check to see if chicken is no longer pink. 
Once chicken is cooked through, crumble feta on top and return pan to oven for an additional 1-2 minutes. 
One feta is slightly golden on top, remove and serve immediately. 
I served this chicken with Dill Peas and Peppers (coming soon!) 



  1. And by broil, do you mean that drawer at the bottom of the oven that holds my bakeware? I feel like once my mom told me that was the broiler. Or do I still cook it in the oven part? (sorry for the stupid question) Thanks in advance.

  2. No no, on your oven there should be a broiler option (mine is a button next to the bake button). It just means your heater at the top will be on (at a high heat, about 525 degrees) but your heater at the bottom won't be. It was explained to me like a reverse BBQ. Does that help?

  3. Thanks Rach!

    ... I think I'll call my mom and see if I made up that whole things about her bottom oven drawer thing. It could be a childhood memory I have confused :P

  4. I'm always looking for flavour that can be added to chicken. This sounds good! Bet it would be great on the barbecue.

    1. BBQ would be awesome! Let me know if you make it! I'm not allowed to touch our grill...that is the "mans" area...blah blah blah

  5. This is in the oven NOW...yes its almost 10 PM but girl gotta eat! It looks and smells amazing....the feta is the kicker. I am putting slices of tomato on it only to be fancy

  6. Forgot to mention the burned finger, but I will take one for the team