BBQ Ranch Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger sans bun pictured w. Colby Jack cheese & Parmesean Green Beans
I love grilling. And when I say I love grilling, I mean I love it because I don't have to do much of the work...and because it's been years since I've had an outdoor grill.  Sometimes J likes to get a bit too fancy with his burgers, but this creation was perfect AND somewhat healthy because of the ground turkey and lack of bun. BUT a burger is not a burger without cheese. And I will stand by that.  Served this with a disaster of an attempt to make a tasty vegetable. That story to come.

BBQ Ranch Turkey Burger                                                         
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Serves: 2 +
How hard was this for Rachel to make? Easy

1 lbs lean ground turkey
1 packet ranch seasoning
1 jar bbq sauce of choice
1 slice colby jack cheese

(of course, I forgot to include the cheese)



In medium mixing bowl mix meat, ranch seasoning and 1/2 jar of bbq sauce. Mix thoroughly. Add bbq sauce if feels too dry.


Flatten meat into patties. (There has to be a more technical term for this)  To make sure you are doing this correctly, have Duke supervise..and look, he even gets a patty for himself. Well, he got half the patty.

 Grill until cooked through. If you want cheese, add once burger has just a few mins left on grill


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