Can't Cook. Can't write. Let's Blog about Cooking!

Let's be honest. I'm not what I'd call a cook. Ordering in is a food group to me. I'm not what I'd call a writer. I hate grammar and am really good at run on sentences. A blog about cooking sounds like a great idea. So why bother? Well, it's time to grow up. I am the queen of Kraft Mac & Cheese, cinnamon toast and cereal. I've never minded eating Spaghetti-O's or chicken nuggets for dinner (I promise I like adult foods too) but when my boyfriend moved in, I quickly learned my dinner choices weren't going to cut it and ordering in for 2 can get EXPENSIVE. So what do I do? I learn to cook. How do I do that? Simple. Copy other people's recipes and try not to screw them up. Why blog? Well, I am hoping through this I can help other beginners and hopefully, get some new recipes from those reading this. Also, I am really good at screwing up so at the least, this will be a good laugh. Here we go...

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